Property management
as it should be.

In Berlin and the surrounding region for over 50 years.
Property management business in its third generation.
Executive Director Hans Schimpf

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Schimpf GmbH has been managing property in Berlin and the surrounding region for over 50 years.

The real estate sector has seen vast changes in recent years – especially in Berlin. We at Schimpf GmbH have always embraced this development without relinquishing our core principles. Schimpf GmbH follows today, as it did on the day of its founding, the model of the respectable businessman.

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Berlin houses


Schimpf GmbH is a property management business in its third generation.

From the beginning, we have placed quality over quantity. A limited number of properties under management, direct contact to owners and tenants as well as a growing network are our distinguishing characteristics. The mission of our company is to manage your properties for the long term.

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The development of a property stands or falls based on finding the right tenants.

A long and trusting rental relationship is always our goal. When selecting new tenants, we at Schimpf GmbH do not act as an anonymous property management company but as a professional and approachable partner.

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Purchasing or managing a property is not rocket science.

This applies in particular, if one receives good advice. Schimpf GmbH has decades of experience and a network of specialists to draw upon. It is our pleasure to provide you with targeted advice on any questions – large or small – you have about your (future) real estate.

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