Schimpf GmbH has been dealing with real estate in Berlin and the surrounding region since the 1960s. Whilst other companies in our sector target maximum short-term profits, our approach has always been to ensure the fabric of the property we manage is properly maintained and improved over time.

In order to fulfil this objective, we take even apparently small decisions with great care and attention to detail. A small additional investment today, can protect against significantly higher costs in future. In this way, value can be maintained over the long-term and passed on to the coming generation.

We see the real estate business as a multi-dimensional process. Commercial aspects are at the fore. However, if one neglects social and ecological aspects, this will lead to problems in the medium to long-term which will considerably affect the profitability of a property. It goes without saying that the owner’s vision will have priority in all considerations.

If you require advice in any real estate matter, for example the purchase of an own apartment or the renovation of a building, we offer a specialist service at very competitive rates. It is not our intention to make as much money from you as possible in a short time; we want to establish ourselves as a serious and reliable partner for you in your property dealings.

Please talk to us if you have a question. We will be happy to help and advise. You can find our contact details below