In Berlin there are hundreds of property management companies. The industry does not have a good reputation. How does one go about finding the right management service for one’s own property?

For every owner, the answer to this question begins by examining their own ideas. The Schimpf family also addressed this question 50 years ago. The result was the founding of our own property management company, Schimpf GmbH.

Then and now, the work of Schimpf GmbH was based on two assumptions: First, the basis of long-term property management is a trusting relationship between tenants, landlords and owners. Second, effective, long-term property management does not take place in an office or at a desk, rather it requires a close servicing of the property on site. Only if the management takes a close interest in all aspects of the property, personally overseeing all building work for example, can an object develop and gain value over several generations. It goes without saying, that proper accounts must be kept at all times. This approach is what distinguishes us from the large property management companies. We are not interested in short-term profit maximisation, we consider the wider picture.

Where you need it, Schimpf GmbH can provide comprehensive management services for your rental properties. Our work is always focussed on the needs of our customers. We do not offer standard contracts but tailored solutions. Our range of services can be divided into two areas: The first is the management and marketing of your real estate and the second, the planning and implementation of building measures. We employ our own craftsmen to ensure that we can quickly and adequately react to the needs of our customers.